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Cartonboard offer successfully expanded – UNIPACK scores points with more than just frozen pizza

Brand manufacturers are setting themselves ambitious sustainability targets and integrating the entire supply chain – especially for packaging. The new trend: goodbye plastic, hello paper and cartonboard. Here, the weight of the packaging plays an important role. It should be as lightweight as possible. That’s why WEIG has developed UNIPACK, a cartonboard that significantly reduces the required basis weight while still providing the usual box stability and efficiency in processing and packing.

Large-size folding boxes have many areas of use. The new recycled cartonboard qualitiy UNIPACK has great feedback from both processors and end users. Initially developed for frozen pizza packaging, UNIPACK is now also used for e.g. ice cream packaging. UNIPACK focusses in particular on large-size folding boxes that require a high degree of stability as part of the packing process or on the shelf. For frozen products UNIPACK-F, the version with seized reverse side, is frequently used. UNIPACK provides high processing safety and is incredibly durable, perfect for printing, stamping, gluing and filling. It’s therefore also perfect for cereal packaging.

What’s more, it has up to 20% more bending rigidity with a significantly reduced base weight. This makes UNIPACK more sustainable, reducing material consumption as well as transport emissions. It also ensures high availability thanks to regular production cycles. 

The “classics” in the product range are UNIBOARD-S (GD) And UNISTAR (GT). These offer a wide range of design and application options with regard to packaging design, artwork, finishing and functionality, living up to their hype with exceptional processing stability in applications for common folding box constructions, as well as deep-drawn round tins. Thanks to their special cartonboard structure, UNIPACK, UNISTAR and UNIBOARD-S from WEIG also ensure consistently easy opening: an important feature for consumers when it comes to repeated custom. The surface finishing also makes it possible to bring unique designs and effects to life, and all at affordable prices.

WEIG assumes product stewardship for its own products. Using WEIG Recycling for local collection of paper for recycling from retail, business, industry and local communities, WEIG’s own product becomes a raw material again. Based on the tried-and-tested closed-loop economy model for recycling paper, WEIG operates its own cycle – all in the goal of creating a circular economy. The use of various kinds of cartonboard by WEIG Karton helps to support resource conservation and promotes a closed-loop economy. Products are perfectly protected during transport and attractively presented on the shelves.

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