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Company of the Year: Yaguarete Group in Paraguay

Yaguarete, WEIG's sister group in Paraguay, was named “empresa del año”, i.e. Company of the Year, by the ADEC association. The association presents the most important business awards in the country and ...


WEIG Sustainability Report: Facts, figures, and data on our circular business model



Into the bin: How recovered paper becomes a new folding box

When the end consumer throws his frozen pizza box into the recycling, that is when the work really begins for the WEIG Group. Because we use recovered paper to make high-quality cartonboard and attractive folding ...


WEIG plasterboard sets standards

The need for affordable housing is growing worldwide and with it the demand for gypsum board as a cost-effective building material. WEIG produces almost half a million tonnes of plasterboard annually for the global ...


“driven by care”: Taking responsibility during the COVID pandemic

“The situation is serious,” says Roland Rex, Head of Customer Focus and Business Development at WEIG. “Everybody has to do their part to ensure that we can get back to normality at some ...


Video: Better print performance thanks to subscription model

WEIG-Packaging has been producing folding cartons for the FMCG sector on two modern Heidelberg presses since 2018. The cooperation is based on a subscription model. This means that only printed sheets are invoiced, ...


WEIG-Packaging: Heidelberg Reference Customer Award

WEIG-Packaging received the Heidelberg Reference Customer Award for the second time in a row. As a benchmark company, WEIG-Packaging sets standards in folding carton printing at its facility in ...


“driven by care”: That’s what drives us

In our video you will learn how the WEIG Group puts its motto “driven by care” into practice every day by looking after business partners, employees, the environment, and society in equal measures – along the ...


WOS – WEIG Online Services Portal: a large benefit for our customers

The WEIG Online Services Portal (WOS) offers the possibility to easily check the status of orders, stocks and deliveries in real time at any time, independent of the service hours of the sales ...


Highest priority – Supply security even during the pandemic

Supply security is already the highest priority in “normal” times. During the CORONAVIRUS pandemic, however, this became even more important. The challenges for the supply chains were plentiful: protecting ...


Cartonboard offer successfully expanded – UNIPACK scores points with more than just frozen pizza

Brand manufacturers are setting themselves ambitious sustainability targets and integrating the entire supply chain – especially for packaging. The new trend: goodbye plastic, hello paper and cartonboard. Here, ...


Higher supply security and flexibility by means of digitisation and automation

At the WEIG-Packaging folding carton plant in Emskirchen/Germany everything is focused on efficiency and flexibility to achieve a higher customer’s benefit. The way to reach this target is integrated automation ...


Apprenticeship and working at WEIG – the new career portal offers interesting insights

Interested in an apprenticeship or working at WEIG? Then the new career portal is the place for you. School pupils, university students, graduates and professionals – the career portal is the one-stop shop for ...



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