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Company of the Year: Yaguarete Group in Paraguay

Yaguarete, WEIG’s sister group in Paraguay, was named “empresa del año”, i.e. Company of the Year, by the ADEC association. The association presents the most important business awards in the country and promotes the development of the business landscape as well as corporate social responsibility in Paraguay.

Thanks to their sustainable circular thinking and the use of innovative technologies, the Yaguarete Group prevailed over 64 applicants. The ADEC award committee explains its decision as follows: “Through the growth of operational and production capacities, technological optimisations and innovations, the sustainable approach, social commitment and corporate culture, the group has truly earned the award in the category ‘Company of the Year’.”

Cartones Yaguarete S.A. was founded in 1978 by Moritz Weig and was the first company in the country to produce cartonboard based on recovered paper. Today, just like the WEIG Group, Yaguarete consists of several integrated divisions that cover the entire recovered paper cycle: Yaguarete Reciclaje, Yaguarete Cartones, Yaguarete Logística and the plasterboard manufacturer Kartotec.

In the plasterboard sector, the colleagues in Germany and Paraguay work closely together: The two locations supply the international plasterboard market with almost half a million tonnes of board annually. This corresponds to almost 10 % of the global demand for plasterboard.

“The ADEC award as Company of the Year 2022 is not only a great honour. It is also an obligation for us to keep improving and to continue promoting responsible consumption and sustainable production,” says Andreas Neufeld, President of the Yaguarete Group. Xaver Weig, who travelled to Paraguay for the award ceremony, adds: “The Weig family is proud of what the employees in Paraguay have created and shares their delight in the well-deserved award. The commitment and dedication of all colleagues on site are the basis for the sustainable success of the Yaguarete Group.”

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