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Higher supply security and flexibility by means of digitisation and automation

At the WEIG-Packaging folding carton plant in Emskirchen/Germany everything is focused on efficiency and flexibility to achieve a higher customer’s benefit. The way to reach this target is integrated automation and digitised processes – internally as well as together with external business partners.

Orders and delivery call-offs are being processed via EDI between production planning at WEIG-Packaging in Emskirchen and the sales back office at WEIG-Karton in Mayen since long. Once the cartonboard is loaded on one of ALPA’s trucks, the truck can be followed by the staff in Emskirchen by means of a track and trace system. The indicated expected time of arrival in the printing and converting plant considers the driver’s individual working and rest time as well as the traffic situation on the proposed route. ALPA is the freight forwarder within the WEIG-Group and combines logistically the various units.

Printing is done „full speed“. 18.000 sheets per hour isn’t only the set value – it is also reality. One key factor behind this is also the subscription model of the machine supplier Heidelberger Druckmaschinen. The payment for the printing machines under the subscription scheme is based on the principle of „pay per use“. The more sheets are printed, the better for all. Various functions are being steered in the background by Heidelberg to get the maximum performance out of the equipment. Consumption materials, like printing ink are also ordered via Heidelberg. By doing so, the responsibility remains in one hand. Assist systems take care for a predictive maintenance of the printing machines which reduces downtime.

Printing data are being received from the customers in digital form and modified according to the carton making process. Self-propelled transport units connect the manufacturing steps from printing via dye-cutting to folding and gluing of the cartons. Various dye-cutting systems offer flexibility for short runs as well as mass production.

And another important aspect:
The supply of the print substrate is secured.

Being a member of the WEIG-Group there is a close coordination between WEIG-Packaging and WEIG-Karton regarding the availability of cartonboard, more precisely recycled cartonboard. WEIG-Packaging converts approx. 90% recycled cartonboard which almost completely comes from the cartonboard mill in Mayen – just in time and all around the clock. Short dated call-off possibilities support the necessary flexibility for the supply of their domestic and abroad customers.

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