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We regularly set standards at our folding carton plant in Emskirchen. On the one hand this is due to our state-of-the-art machinery and on the other hand to the in-depth know-how of our employees. WEIG-Packaging has used the packaging of this year’s Christmas presents to exhibit the latest technical capabilities they have to offer.

This year, the WEIG Group is demonstrating that sustainability and modern appeal are not mutually exclusive with its Christmas gifts, or more precisely their packaging. Printed on GT2 UNISTAR (400 g), the cartonboard of our sister company WEIG-Karton, the completely machine-processed folding box packaging offers numerous features.

WEIG-Packaging has been working on the development of the packaging since the summer. The first ideas were many and varied. Due to the high quantity, it was of course obligatory to carry out all steps using our factory’s machinery. In close coordination with the production areas printing, die-cutting, finishing, and gluing, the limits of what was technically possible were pushed further and further and the idea developed piece by piece. The final design was completed in September and then went into production.

The first production step was printing, starting with the back of the UNISTAR recycled cartonboard. It is particularly easy to print on because of the coating. In the second and third stages of printing, two varnishes were applied simultaneously alongside the inks. The result: deep black surfaces with a high-quality matt-gloss effect varnish. Finally, a special scented varnish was applied to emphasise the festive appearance.

With the help of the hot stamping machine, two different hot foils were then applied to create the outline of a Christmas tree including garlands. This was followed by die-cutting and embossing of the houses on the side of the packaging. Our long-standing partner Buchner Stanzformbau supported us in cutting out the particularly small holes for the Christmas baubles. Our new window gluing machine was also used: a solid-coloured window film makes the baubles appear red.

The machine-based gluing of the packaging was highly complex: the gluing machine was optimised and set up over several hours so that the matt varnish of the packaging could run through the machine without scratches or pressure marks.

Thanks to the great commitment of our machine operators and after many optimisations on our high-performance machines, 2,200 packages were ready for filling after three weeks of production. Now the customers and partners of the entire group, including our plants in Paraguay, can enjoy this Christmas treat.

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