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Highest priority –
Supply security even during the pandemic

Supply security is already the highest priority in “normal” times. During the CORONAVIRUS pandemic, however, this became even more important. The challenges for the supply chains were plentiful: protecting employees against infection on the one hand, while maintaining production and the flow of goods as well as ensuring resource supply on the other.

Working under pressure: The folding carton industry was faced with some huge challenges to overcome during the coronavirus pandemic. Demand increased, with large quantities of additional folding cartons needing to be manufactured and the necessary cartonboard for these supplied in just a short space of time, especially for food and hygiene products. At the same time, it was absolutely vital that employees were protected against infection as best as possible to maintain production. And all of this at a time of raw material shortages and supply chain standstills. Due to lockdowns and production restrictions, fewer raw materials were available, including recovered paper, making them “highly coveted goods” overnight.

A reliable supply for customers was and remains the highest priority for WEIG, even during the ongoing pandemic. Here, having continuous access to recovered paper resources is key. Of course, this is easier said than done in times of reduced availability, skyrocketing demand and interrupted supply chains. For the WEIG Group, however, it came in useful to have an internal business unit for paper recycling. As a precaution, WEIG secured a sufficient amount of recovered paper via its own recycling network at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. WEIG’s integrated value chain has proven extremely beneficial, especially in times of shortages.

The WEIG pandemic management keeps everything in view. The start of the pandemic saw many internal awareness campaigns carried out on the proper conduct, followed by work organisational measures. To detect any potential coronavirus infections in employees early, rapid testing centres were set up at all sites at the beginning of the year. All employees were offered PoC antigen tests multiple times a week. WEIG is even prepared for potential vaccination through the supervising company health care provider and has set up its own vaccination centre. As soon as the vaccine is available, vaccination can begin.

WEIG driven by care for business partners and employees – in the truest sense of the word.

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