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WOS – WEIG Online Services Portal:
a large benefit for our customers

The WEIG Online Services Portal (WOS) offers the possibility to easily check the status of orders, stocks and deliveries in real time at any time, independent of the service hours of the sales office.

Purchasing, plant management, as well as quality management have different needs of information at different times. WOS fulfils these needs independent of the individual availability of the persons in charge. Customers with WOS access can define and allow different users of the system themselves. By this, each company division can call up the required information itself – if necessary, around the clock and on 365 days a year.

A user-friendly dashboard for an overall view

The various functions of the portal are accessed via a customer-specific dashboard. Clear and descriptive statistics, such as truck utilisation, provide assistance in optimising transports and thus contributing to sustainability goals. The sales analysis provides an overview of the actual deliveries at any time, including a projection for the financial year. An overview of the current stock level and the storage period of individual orders is also clearly shown.

If desired, orders can be placed directly in WOS. They are then automatically booked in the WEIG order system and confirmed in the usual way. Repeating orders can be placed simply by clicking on a previous order. However, available stock lots can also be ordered. Filter functions enable a specific search by grade, grammage and size. Suitable pallets can be first reserved online and then transformed into an order.

Order status and stock always in view

All current orders with a constantly updated overview of the produced goods and the orders still to be produced can be displayed. In the case of short-term production changes, it is possible to check online whether goods are already available and if so, they can be called off at short notice. Orders that have been in stock for some time and for which storage charges will soon be due can be displayed separately and to avoid unnecessary costs they can be called off at short notice. A data transfer to Excel enables the user to further process the retrieved data.

Orders can be called up directly and scheduled for shipment. A summary of all currently planned shipments is displayed in an overview. For all dispatched loads corresponding delivery notes can be called up directly.

Comprehensive functionalities along the whole process

The open-item function gives an overview of unpaid invoices. Like other overviews, this can also be retrieved and exported for further processing.
Should a quality complaint ever arise, this can also be drafted via WOS and transferred to the WEIG system. Complaints that have not been closed and their status can be listed in an overview and called up in detail.
WOS offers a high level of functionality for different company areas and can be easily accessed via a secure web access. Feedback regarding the platform – which can be given directly in the dashboard – is important for us to be able to improve the system even further for our customers.

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